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Screaming horns, driving rhythms and powerful voices hit you as soon as Ali and the Scoundrels take the stage.  Blue-eyed Ali Fisch leads the 9-piece Scoundrels in blending the sounds of their favorite '60s soul 45s with the indie rock they cut their teeth on.  Formed in the cold winters of Minneapolis, they have made it their mission to heat up dance floors wherever they find them.

Ali and the Scoundrels are currently playing music venues all over map on the back of their debut self-titled EP while continuing to write new music and work it into their raucous live show. Scoundrels' songs hit all the classic themes in life: love, loss, booze and broken hearts.

Vocals / Ali Fisch
Background Vocals / Gabbi Langan
Guitar / Rob Brewer
Keys / Frank Merchlewitz
Bass / Neil Leibundguth
Drums / Luke Gonnella
Horns / Chris Engesser, Tyler Ringeisen, Charlie Keyes


Ali and the Scoundrels EP

All songs written and performed by Ali and the Scoundrels

Produced by Luke Gonnella

Artwork by Jimmy Tandberg


All photos by Ben Steinquist of Phaux Pas Photography